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From the initial filing through post-trial briefs and appeals, there are many ways a trial consultant will add value to your team along the litigation lifecycle. Please see below how these core solutions can help each step of the way.


Developing demonstratives is an understatement, we are building an effective case visualization strategy.  Many critical factors must be answered to pursue an optimum strategy:  What is the next event? - Expert Reports, Tutorial, a Daubert, Markman, or Summary Judgment Hearing - Trial?  Who's our audience? - the bench, a jury, a mediator? How complex is the subject matter? 

Costs of developing graphics and visual tools can range wildly. Leveraging visuals and using the right tools for the job are critical to the recipe for success in generating an efficient and effective visual strategy.

Trial Technology

"Hotseat" operators are the professionals facilitating the presentation of your case. Hearings and trials are complicated enough due to the concentration of moving parts and various opinions as to how things should look or occur, let alone, the logistical elements required just to get to the event.

We ensure no stone is left unturned heading into your event resulting in a logistically sound and well thought out presentation strategy.  Developing successful tactics often includes knowing the judges preferences, capablities of the particular courtroom, opposing counsel tendencies, opposing technician abilities.

War Room Support

Pending the size of the matter, support staff may be required in either, or both, the area(s) of graphics and/or trial technology. As often the case, we are preparing for the next days witnesses while in court with those for today.  A devoted trial technician is key for working to prep upcoming witnesses, update the trial database, run through outlines, annotate documents in advance, process designations and ensure the hotseat operator gets enough sleep - the list goes on.

We can support your case remotely (and on an as-needed basis) or designate full time staff to handle the workload. We'll integrate our technology and merge into your work flow.

Deposition Video Syncing

Synced transcripts provide for indexed, searchable text and the instant ability to view the corresponding deposition video, create clips and share with team members independently of the trial presentation software.  For various reasons, there will be times when the product you receive from the court reporter will simply be the raw video and relative transcript.

Video syncing is the process of taking your MPEG-encoded video and transcripts from the court reporting service and preparing them for import to case management or trial presentation platforms.  It is a necessary process to get to dynamic, searchable depositions.

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