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"As order exponentially increases, time exponentially speeds up."
- Ray Kurzweil

Video Syncing

Video Syncing

Text Synchronization is the process of aligning the digital video taken to the court reporters ASCII transcript. When a digital video file is synchronized to the transcript, one can instantly "cue" or jump to a specific portion of a video deposition by simply referencing a page and line number of text within a transcript.  The output of the text synchronization is a file, such as a CMS file, that will be used to import the linked video into the trial presentation software - such as Trial Director.

To execute the video/text synchronization process, we use InData Corp's Timecoder Pro. The manual process for syncing involves applying a synchronization point at the beginning of each line of text to match the text to a frame on the video. This is done manually by an operator listening to the audio and manually hitting the spacebar on the keyboard as the speach advances line by line against the transcript. The timing to do a manual synchronization is basically in realtime.  Every hour of testimony will require an hour of an operator perfoming the manual synchronization.


Sound labor intensive? Yes, but good news -  there are automated solutions that require far less energy available. Pricing using TimeCoder Pro varies by amount of video to be processed and at what level of hardware acceleration is selected. For an estimate on your video syncing project, please call or email with:


  • Number of deponents

  • Native video file format(s)

  • Transcript format(s)

  • Total number of video hours

  • Required delivery date

  • Case management or trial presentation system

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